Feels Like Home

I never feel like I am home when David and I are in South East Idaho. Sure, this is where I grew up… it is where my immediate family is located, but for me home has never been four walls, a yard, a fence. I know that my parents want me to feel at home when we are here, and they would prefer if we stayed here on a permanent basis. I’m sure all parents feel that way about their kids. 

We tried for a decade to live a life boxed in and we ended up stuck in a hole, Jackson Hole to be exact. Yes, it was different than your average “home” because of the vacation hotspot that it is. It didn’t feel like home either. It is a fantastic place, full of beauty and wonder, nature and outdoor activities year round… it sounds perfect, but for us, it wasn’t. Mostly because to live the lifestyle we wanted we had to work damn near 24/7… and that meant spending less time with each other. 

We don’t have it all figured out. Sometimes I still feel a bit lost and question if I really want the life of a traveler, the truth is I do. I also want a place that I can go to that feels like home for us both. That isn’t going to happen in South East Idaho, but maybe Northern Idaho, Montana, or somewhere we haven’t found yet. 

We are in SE Idaho for a spell, and even though it isn’t home, and is far from being on my list of favorite places… we will still enjoy it and enjoy spending time with our family members while we are here.

We won't be here long, one thing I do know is that we both hate the feeling of being stuck, of wanting to leave, but not being able to. Our story isn’t finished yet. Wherever life leads us I want us to be able to tell our story and to have it be a happy one, even with bumps in the road. Our story won't take place in one small town but will cover the globe. We only have one life, and we both intend to live it.